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Thursday, October 27, 2011

My aching head...

Blurred vision, crossed eyes, reading glasses, computers, software, hardware, CPU’s, RAM, CRM, DSS, all these things have meaning in my computer science class but what they mean to me is a huge headache. We have five weeks to master this stuff and that’s asking a lot on top of work, home and any miscellaneous activities one might have going on. We have weekly papers, multiple chapters to read, questions to answer, a mid-term and final exam and a case study to crank out during that time. Holy cow!

I thought this class would be a breeze but it has turned into one of my busiest ones yet. The only cool thing is that the professor is pretty laid back and gives us latitude. I’m hoping he’ll cut us some slack as he reviews the requirements for our case studies this week. That is my biggest concern.

I’ve mapped out my exams and feel comfortable about them and well, reading is reading. Either it will sink in or it won’t but I can’t force it. One of the joys of being older is you already know what your limitations are and so you don’t get hung up on them but try to find work-arounds like extensive note taking or asking lots of questions so that he actually tells you what you need to know without you having to chase around your elbow to get the answer.

Anyone know the key information that should be included on a CEO’s dashboard?

Sigh, I’m going to be a pro by the time this class is over. I think.

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