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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read and Remember the fine print

Beware of the fine print or should I say remember the fine print even if it’s 9 years later. I have been a Comcast customer for the past 9 years. That is until recently. When my contract was up for my triple play package my cable bill went from $136 to $217 without notice. They were not budging when we called to see what the deal was. They offered to let us drop back to basic cable, internet and phone for $128 but that was 3 steps down from what we had and that was not a good deal so we switched to Fios. The price was right.

Verizon is up and running. Life is good. The picture quality is outstanding and we are content with Fios as much as one could be content with a cable company. I’m plugging along, still using my email address at Comcast because I didn’t think anything of it and it still worked. We were two weeks into our Fios high when I went to log into Comcast and couldn’t.

I thought something was wrong and called them. They were very nice (NOT) about it. No Comcast, no email. What about my mail? My files? My contacts? Sorry lady, it’s all gone. Dumped. It was in the agreement you signed way back when. Don’t you remember? Well no, not really, after all that was 9 years ago people. Who remembers the fine print for 9 years especially a small little detail about how your email address is tied to your account with us? Certainly not I. At least not then but you can be sure I will remember it now.

I have an account with Fios through but you can be sure that I won’t use it for my contacts, my personal email that I want to save, etc. I will use it to pay my Fios bill and communicate with them but I’ve switched to Gmail. Safe, simple and no strings attached. Files, pictures, etc. that I’ve saved for a long time gone. Lesson learned. Read and REMEMBER the fine print.

So now you know why if you’ve tried to email me it bounces back and if you haven’t heard from me it’s because I don’t have access to my contacts so you’ll have to hit me up on Facebook or give me a call so we can reconnect.

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  1. Kimberly, I just wanted you to know that I prayed for you today and asked the Father that if you are to come to She Speaks that He will make that clear and show you the way.
    Have a great weekend!